Cut and Click

I'm obsessed with doors that are locked, broken windows, fire escapes and things 'normal' people will never see. i like night better than day, breakfast more than dinner. passion over intelligence. disposable cameras over slr's. i find railwaylines more relaxing than beaches. if i could have any two guests to a dinner party i would pick my two best friends and then maybe Dash Snow. I want to never settle for anything less than amazing. id also like to be able to follow my own advice more. i like stories. i want stories and i want my photographs to be a visual aid. i want to document my life so when the trap of normailty relizes its self i can know that at least once, in my own mind i did 'cool' things. i want to travel, to hitchike, to buy a motor bike and go through asia, to hop freights though america and to see the northern lights. i want to learn to surf more than anything. id be happy with nothing as long as i was having fun if i won the lottery id make the people i love as rich as i. i want to climb a mountain and raise money for charity, i'd like to make books and hold exhibitons. to own a shop or a bar. i met someone once who said 'you meet everyone twice', to the people i met in Barcelona this summer i hope this is true. Do anything to make yourself happy. and know everything is always fine.

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Jeudi said...

Honest question:
"do anything to make yourself happy". That's a cool thought in the abstract, but DO ANYTHING?

Live real son, cos "do anything to make yourself happy" ends up being real bad for those who are not "yourself". Be happy YES, always YES! YES but not at such a cost to those around you. No?

Black Ski Mask said...

If your happiness is affecting negatively on the people around you, your doing it wrong, in that situation i think it would be hard to attain happiness while consciously making some one you care about unhappy so its a situation i don't think will arise very often, and something i wouldn't worry about.